5 Trigs

This blog comes from Dave Ward – one of our coached athletes.

When the suggestion of a run in the Peaks taking in 5 Trigs and covering approx. 22 miles was muted I was straight in. Living in Knutsford with it’s multitude of hills meant I was more than ready for a trot round the Peaks! It was only the night before when my oldest daughter saw the route and casually commented “You’re doing that for fun, you must be mad” the reality of what I was about to undertake hit home.

As readers of this blog will know, the Tri & Run Leaders are trained professionals and put the SAS to shame with their faultless navigational skills and map reading. So what could possibly go wrong?

I do like an early alarm especially on a bank holiday Saturday so a 7.10 call to meet Vicky for a drive to Wildboarclough for an 8am start was ideal. Thinking that there was no way Lynda and Lindsay would be there before 8, I’d have ample time to faff and sort my kit out. Not this time so a quick rush to get kit on and we were off.

First Trig was Shining Tor which went pretty smoothly with no issues apart from the first track  which is uphill and pretty much made of boulders. Soon the Cat and Fiddle pub came into sight and we were straight over onto Shining Tor. There was a bit of excitement from the man or women (who scared the life out of me by saying hello) as they were hidden behind the wall. Otherwise, there were no issues and we were onto the next Trig at Burbage Edge.

Second Trig was pretty straight forward until we decided to take on the heather which was cleverly camouflaging a bog. Slight concern that one of us may break something but after successfully negotiating it and finding the elusive wall we were on the path and touching the second Trig.

This point was where Lindsay was going to leave us. The plan was to drop her back at the car and then me, Lynda and Vicky carry on to bag the other three. Whether it was FOMO or madness (my money is on madness) she suggested that she would like to join us for the third one. Game on – here we go.

Third trig again pretty straight forward no real navigational issues, great views of Buxton, sun shining, semi naked farmer of retirement age out for a walk, but other than the fact the trig looked like it was 20 miles away, no issues! At this stage Lindsay decided to head back to her car and leave us to the final two. Lindsay would be the first to admit she is not great on navigation so after a briefing from the professionals with a turn left at the semi naked farmer she was off and we continued onto the fourth trig at the Roaches.

Fourth Trig slight navigational issues, nothing that made me want to reach for my phone to call Countryside 999, and a visit from Lindsay with some much-welcomed cold drinks, although big shout out to the man without mains water who gave me and Vicky some of his bottled water. After a brief catch up with Lindsay we were off to the Roaches and the famous Ice Cream Van (now offering Hot Dogs) and half of the population of Cheshire mostly all wearing sensible shoes. Another shout out to the two old people making an effort to get to the top. Straight to the top and back down again giving Lynda barely a minute to catch her breath.

It wouldn’t be a Tri & Run adventure without us meeting someone either Vicky or Lynda know and this one didn’t disappoint – not only friends but a husband as well. Sorry Steve – didn’t even clock you!

That’s it! One to go 17 miles in and the comment of “I think it’s only a 10k from here”. I could have cried, especially as it was what appeared to be all uphill! After having a stern word with myself we were off and before I knew it staring up at the famous Shutlingsloe. with a final “let’s do this” we were on the top admiring the view albeit through the crowd of midges. Touch of the Trig and straight back down to the car past a woman shouting “Are you after a PB?”. No – just the car so I can fall apart.

Sausage butties awaited with a choice of sauce, no tea though (maybe next time Lynda) and poured myself into the car to travel back to reality.

Another great run from the team with views to die for. 4,228ft of elevation gain and 22 miles, top company meaning the time just skipped by. Thanks all and here’s to the next one.

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