Newsletter – June & July 2021

Welcome to our second newsletter.  We are well and truly back to events for our athletes and it’s been a busy couple of months.

Cholmondeley duathlon

We are delighted that Kim could put her experience gained from the Go Tri events that Tri & Run held, into the Cholmondeley duathlon.  Kim took part in the sprint event on 19th June, which involved a 5k run, 20k cycle and 2.5k run to finish.  Kim came 2nd in her age group, which is absolutely brilliant and all down to her hard work and superb determination.  You can read more about Kim’s event in her blog here.

New collaborations

Vicky has been working with junior members of a local Pony club.  Specifically, Vicky has been working on running skills with the athletes to help improve when competing in triathlons and tetrathlons.

Cotswold middle distance triathlon

Joining Lynda at the Cotswold Classic, Lindsay made her middle distance race debut. Although there were a few challenges (no swim was one of them), both athletes performed brilliantly on a fast but busy  bike circuit and then a mixed trail/road run. Great work, Lindsay & Lynda. 

Chelford round

One of Dave’s challenges for this year was the Chelford Round.  This is an ‘anytime time’ challenge consisting of a 19 mile circuit about the village of Chelford (more information can be obtained, here.) Vicky joined Dave, on what was the hottest day of July.

Swim training for triathlon

Marc joined us for some tips for his swim, in preparation for a couple of triathlons he has planned for this year.  Marc’s first event is the Snowman triathlon on 1st August.  We look forward to sharing how Marc got on in the next newsletter.  

Wales in a Day

Ben and Lynda took part in the Open Cycle cycle sportive, along with other members of KTC.  The cycle ride starts in Caernarfon and ends in Chepstow, 185 miles later and after 4500 m of climbing.  You can find out more about how Ben prepared and tackled the sportive in his forthcoming blog, available soon.

Coaches corner

Vicky has successfully completed the 1st year of her sREN accredited MSc in Sports and Exercise Nutrition.  Lynda has completed the 2nd year of her BSc in Sport, Exercise and Coaching.

Vicky and Lynda spent most of last  weekend together on England Athlete’s Coach in Running Fitness course, Vicky as one of the tutors and Lynda as a student.

Eagle eyed athletes may well have noticed Vicky popping up on Run Northwest photos. Vicky is now Event Coordinator at Run North West.  She also made Triathlon 220’s August 21 edition with her top tip!

Planning ahead

We are in the process of planning and organising a number of one-day and multiday adventures.   These include another run of the Chelford Run, the 5 trigs run and a mini-dualthon, as well as a weekend away…possibly under canvas!

What do Tri and Run offer that is different to other coaching companies?

We invest time with our athletes, so our coaching can be truly bespoke. We use a variety of approaches, such as our monthly adventures, which enhance a community feeling and that ‘team’ spirit.  We aim to enable our athletes to feel motivated so they can succeed in their goals.
If you are interested in joining us, please get in touch and we can arrange an online call to see if we can help.

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