The benefit of a supportive network

It would be great if starting or getting back to running was easy.  You could put on some kit and trainers you already have, and breeze out the door for an easy 5 miler.  There would be minimal puffing and panting, lung burn and muscle ache.

However the reality is a little different…the first few runs are likely to hurt a lot – and not just during the run.  Delayed onset muscle soreness can last for 48hours.

It is possible that the trainers you have are not running specific, may not still fit you and may not have too much life left in them.

The running kit you own may no longer still function, fit, and may rub in certain places.

Knowing all this you wonder why you should get into running?

The benefits of having regular running as one of your healthy lifestyle habits are multiple. Improved heart health, prevention of illnesses, positive contribution to mental health, strengthening of connective tissues, improved bone health, prevention of many age related declining health issues.  In addition there are the social benefits of running you can achieve through going to local races, joining a group / club or just running with a friend.

At Tri & Run  we recognise the many factors that contribute to an individual’s performance.  We have created strong relationships with local businesses to ensure we offer a complete service.  

An example of how this great relationship works was evident just last week.  A new runner developed some lower limb pain and Carmichael Clinic was recommended.  A consultation with the well respected local physiotherapist identified a number of minor contributing factors.  Along with specific pre-hab exercises there was also guidance to purchase new trainers to replace the decade old ones.  Another close relationship with local specialist run retailer Run North West will ensure the most appropriate trainers for the individual can be purchased.  This close working relationship between coach, physio and run retailer ensures a multidisciplinary approach and the athlete can get back to their new love, running, as soon as possible.
If you too want to benefit from this multidisciplinary team approach, contact us.

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