Fancy trying a triathlon?

6am on Sunday 4th July, saw the start of Ironman UK.  Thousands of triathletes swam, cycled and ran their way round the Bolton countryside.  The endurance event, which includes a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile run tests the ability of professionals and amateurs alike, but for all, it is the culmination of months (and more often, years) of training.  

Are you inspired by the heroic efforts of thousands of athletes?  

Are you thinking of stepping up or taking on a new challenge?

No idea how to train appropriately and stay injury free?

There is plenty of free advice available online, or from club mates and fellow triathletes. But, how valid is that free advice and is that information applicable to you? 

Are you conflicted and confused by everything you hear and see related to triathlon?

At  Tri & Run we are well qualified, experienced, passionate and invested coaches that work with our clients on all aspects of their performance; not only swim, bike, run but all the supportive elements such as mental strength and kit.

Choose Tri & Run to help you maintain motivation to stick to a progressive training plan.  Contact us via our website to find out how the accountability of working with our coaches can help you reach your goals.

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