Tri & Run & Bike!

This week’s blog is written by Ben, one of our coached athletes.

Last Sunday was the next eagerly anticipated Tri & Run meetup. These are always great fun, especially during the lockdown where it’s not been easy to catch up with people. Most of us were only running, but Lindsay went the extra mile (or ten!) and decided to ride to and from the run, meeting us half way.

Having done a long bike ride on Friday, I was a little bit anxious at the start of the run. My fears got worse as Vicky, Dave, Al and I headed straight up Shutlingsloe, but as always the views from the top were worth it. From there, we looped back to near the start where we met Lynda and Lindsay. After an incredible 20 mile run in the lake district the day before, Lynda was in a support role for the day, providing storage for Lindsay’s bike, cereal bars, water and smiles.


Al parted ways with us here, and Lindsay joined us, much to Vicky’s relief (There’s only so much Vicky wants to hear Dave and me talk about the history of the Beastie Boys).

By this point, I was starting to warm up a bit, unlike Lindsay’s feet which were pretty icy from the ride over. However, that didn’t slow her down as we crossed the fields, making a beeline for the famous Cat and Fiddle where Lynda was waiting for us again. From here it was a quick dart up to Shining Tor, and back. I was struggling with tired legs, but the group kept up the motivation and the good mood. Time flew by as we discussed everything from sports (the infamous European Super League) to favorite holiday destinations (apparently Venice is lovely at this time of year) and the joys of cold custard (If you haven’t tried one, treat yourself to a pastel de nata. You won’t regret it). By the time we were back to the history of the Beastie Boys, Vicky and Lindsay had mysteriously disappeared into the distance again.

By the time we were back at the car we’d done 10 hard miles out in the hills, but the company had made the time fly by. And the best was yet to come. As usual, our wonderful Tri & Run coaches had cakes waiting at the car. Vicky had prepared chocolate orange cookies, and Lynda had made some flapjacks. Both went down a treat as we waved Lindsay on her way.

Roll on the next event!

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