Back to racing

Today’s blog is by Lindsay. Thanks, and well done on your race!

The lockdown blues have ended, and it was time to get back to racing. I prepared just like the elite athlete Goldilocks, with my ‘just – right’ porridge breakfast, and then set off for Tatton leaving the 3 bears (husband and 2 teenage sons) snoring in their beds.

A hard frost and bitter cold hung over the park and the nerves started to kick in. After a proper warm up, I headed to the socially distanced toilets and crossed my fingers that the flush water wasn’t frozen.

The start was socially distanced, with 2 athletes setting off every 30 seconds or so. This felt a little unusual compared to the mass starts of old, but it was really well managed by the organisers.  The course was a little undulating, but it was lovely surprise to see my coach Lynda at the bottom of the longest drag. Her support really spurred me on to push on up the incline – she must have been freezing!  As I made my way to the finish, the parks majestic deer herd made an impressive appearance, showing their support for the racers in the cold. Crossing the finish line in a pleasing 45 minutes, the snow started to fall, and rounded off a lovely morning in Knutsford. Well done to all the fellow racers, being back at racing was a huge lift after months locked indoors.

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