First Tri & Run event of Spring

We’ve got another guest blogger this week! Thanks to David Ward for writing up a fantastic run report.

Meeting in the middle of nowhere normally scares me. After careful planning I was finally comfortable with the knowledge that the place existed. I was slightly less comfortable knowing that after months of flat Knutsford lockdown running this was going to be all about the hills.

The beauty of these runs is not the distance. It’s all about the scenery and company, so when the six of us met up on a fresh but bright morning in a quiet Clough House Car Park at 8am I knew it was going to be hard but fun.

After a surprisingly small amount of faffing from me and Lynda we were off on a gradual little incline that got steeper and steeper. Underfoot conditions were tough which added to the difficulty in breathing for the first mile but slowly everything came back and despite a slight trip by me we were moving along.

As anyone will know on a Vicky and Lynda run you never quite know what to expect. However you always know that cattle (the bigger the better), hazards such as dodgy styles and fences along with never being 100% sure we are in the right place, all feature. Today was no exception although disappointingly distance and route worked surprisingly well.

Never having sampled the area before I’m told we visited Three Shires Head, stopping for a cheeky snap before carrying on passing jumping sheep and feeding farmers with the pace allowing us to take in the spectacular scenery.  

The bridge at Three Shires Head

After so long apart the conversation flowed which probably led to us all not realising that Vicky and Lynda had a diversion in place to add a mile onto the end of the run. This being Vicky and Lynda, it was no normal mile, just a little stroll up Shutlingsloe to take in the spectacular views before the slightly easier path down to the car at a much busier car park.

The view from the top of Shutlingsloe

Now some may argue that this is the best part of the run. Having two of the best cake bakers (I may be biased here) means no run is complete without cake. These never disappoint and today was no exception. It’s amazing what you find out over cake with me admitting “I’m more of a Sorbet Man”, Lynsey admitting to have worked some of the worst jobs and Ben leading the way in middle class recipe swapping which would have put the Women’s Institute to shame.

Another truly great adventure with some great pictures to add to the memories. Here’s to the next one, although my legs may not say the same tomorrow.

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