Carmichael Clinic of Physiotherapy and Acupuncture

Tri & Run are delighted to announce we have a new association with The Carmichael Clinic.

Established in 1991, The Carmichael Clinic is a team of professional, highly qualified Chartered Physiotherapists who are all registered with the Health Professions Council.  They are able to deal with the management and prevention of a wide range of conditions tailoring treatment programmes to include the most effective integration of the therapies available at the clinic.  The Carmichael Clinic has good links with medical consultants if required.

The Carmichael Clinic are offering a free short phone consultation and 20% off the initial appointment (if required) for all Tri & Run athletes.  To qualify for this perk, you must obtain a code via your membership details.

Tri & Run are dedicated to doing all we can to help you achieve your goals and we believe our partnership with The Carmichael Clinic will be mutually beneficial.

​Carmichael Clinic of Physiotherapy and Acupuncture

​King Edward House, 16A Princess Street, Knutsford, WA16 6BU

01565 750035

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