Kick Start 2021 – An athlete’s perspective

This blog is written by Rachel, who is taking part in Kick Start 2021.

That period between Xmas and New Year, “betwixtmas” or something I think it’s called?, is usually a time for me to both get excited about our New Year’s Eve plans, and also to plan my new year’s resolutions, which usually involve a sporting challenge of some sort. This year however, that all felt a bit flat. New Year’s Eve plans were cancelled at short notice, and I really couldn’t find any motivation for sporting resolutions as there was no certainty that any events I might enter would actually be going ahead. So I limped somewhat demotivated into 2021.
I had seen a couple of promotions for the Tri & Run kickstart plan, my very good friend Lynda being one of the coaches. I’d kind of ignored it as I thought I didn’t really want a coaching plan when I’m not training for anything. But I kept seeing it, I think it must have been subliminal messaging from Lynda, and then when she tagged me in a post about it I thought I’d better have a closer look! 
I actually liked what I saw, a mere £6 for the challenge, and the format seemed to be both fun and competitive, with plenty of opportunity for morale boosting team chat. So I decided to sign up. I don’t actually think Lynda would have let me get away with not doing!

One week in and it was definitely the right decision! It’s great fun, I feel like I’m engaging in team activity although I’ve only actually been running on my own. I’ve felt motivated to go out and do runs I wouldn’t otherwise have done. Like today- it was way too cold and normally I would have just stayed in but I went out for my 45 minute run and so glad that I did. I’ve done the strength and conditioning routine twice but think I will up that to 3-4 times a week as I can feel the benefits already. 

There are loads of triathlon/running coaching plans and organisations out there, but this is the first one I’ve come across that does this kind of team activity. You don’t need to commit to anything long term and you don’t need to have any substantial goals or ambitions, this plan would suit anyone who just wants to get out there and get running and maybe sometimes needs a bit of a prod and is open to new ideas about different types of runs, but equally would suit more advanced athletes who want to follow a structured weekly plan.

 I’m excited already about what’s in store for next week, and hearing how my fellow teammates are performing. Thanks Lynda for getting me to sign up! 

Thanks Rachel for your perspective. We’re into our second week of the Kick Start 2021 challenge, and so far our Athletes seem to be loving it. Some other feedback we’ve had so far:

  • I am loving this challenge!
  • Thanks Vicky, never had soooo much fun at start of the year.
  • Well I now can’t feel my toes or my fingers!! and it was not a 5k pb but it got me out on an icy freezing cold Wed eve. Thanks for the motivation Vicky.
  • Thanks Vicky; this will keep us going and god we’re going to need it!

It’s not too late to sign up and join the fun. Simply head to Kick Start 2021 and follow the instructions there.

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