Winter Motivation

The clocks have gone back, the wind and rain seem never ending at times and therefore ‘training’ can all too easily be ‘put off’ for the cosy alternative such as that TV programme in front of the fire! Engaging in any training session takes determination but in the dark, winter months the level required seems so much more and there’s more kit needed too -head torch or bike lights to charge, trainers which have dried from the last wet run and more layers! 

If you have a long-term goal, for certain individuals that drive can overcome all the challenges of winter training. But, for many, even with a long-term goal, it’s hard to motivate yourself to get that training done and the thought of a ‘red’ on Training Peaks seems more accepting.  With the spring and summer being so far away, thoughts of “after all, it’s winter, it won’t hurt to miss that interval session or tempo ride” slip into the mind.

So, how can you motivate yourself in the winter? Well, there are several virtual challenges that are available, which you can pay for, take part in, and gain that medal – we can be inspired by the thousands who took part in the 2020 virtual London marathon.    Alternatively, you could be completing the indoor turbo Zwift 2020 academy or running the length of the UK…at least in sections! These virtual short term (or not so short term if running JOGLE) goals can really help with a focus and motivation. For some individuals, completing these challenges alone can be a great sense of achievement, whilst for others, recruiting a fellow partner to take part (either virtually or socially distanced), can further help with completing the virtual task. 

At Tri and Run, we recognise the challenge of winter training for our athletes and the additional difficulties the current and different (COVID) times.  Supporting our athletes includes a variety of strategies.  Where possible Tri and Run arrange for joint activities, giving our athletes some much needed company -it may be a group run (subject to any guidelines) or it could be a paired challenge.  It may also be that as coaches, we get out with our athletes, so they are not performing all the training on their own.  This gives us a great opportunity to develop that all important coach and athlete relationship. 

Get in touch and find out how you can be part of our next group adventure.

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