World Mental Health Day

Saturday 10 th October marks World Mental Health Day and what better way to ‘celebrate’ than a run in the hills with a friend / training buddy and fellow coach?

Tri & Run coaches Vicky and Lynda enjoying the “views”

The weather Gods clearly saw this as a great opportunity to test our mental health by providing what some would call ‘hideous weather conditions!’ The wind on the tops was so strong it made the rain pelt us from a horizontal direction.

This hit you straight into the eyes making descending down a technical path on slippy rocks pretty treacherous. However, slowing down meant that your body temperature dropped. With soaking wet hands putting gloves back on was impossible and also fairly pointless. Who needs blood supply to extremities anyway?!?

Despite the thoughts of;
‘Why am I doing this?’
‘Most normal people are still in bed right now.’
‘I could have stayed indoors and done a session on the turbo.’

These are the perfect conditions to develop resilience, embrace the elements and remind yourself how fortunate we are to be able to run, in stunning scenery, with good company. Although the views were hidden by fog, there were very few other people about which provided peace!

For me, World Mental Health day today is a day to reframe and make the best of every situation.

When God gives you rain – Jump in muddy puddles!

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