Outlaw X race report

This week, one of our coached athletes has written a race report. Thanks to Lindsay for the great write up!

Following a season of cancelled race after cancelled race, I felt extremely privileged
to be able to take part in Outlaw X half distance triathlon at Thoresby Park near
As a relative newbie to triathlon, the anxiety levels in the days leading up to the race
steadily increased, and the BBC Weather App became my new obsession. 
Pre-race day finally arrived, and after lots of faffing and double checking of my kit,
(and of course, the weather), it was time to head over to Thoresby Park to rack the
bike. Transition was much bigger than usual due to the social distancing rules, and I
had a really good spot close to bike in/out. The excitement and apprehension
continued to mount, along with predicted wind speed for race day.
The morning came around all too soon after a fitful night’s sleep. I knew I needed to
eat a hearty breakfast, but the nerves were making that difficult. Watching my
husband, Mark, eat a day-old sausage roll at 5.15am didn’t help matters either.  I
checked my emails to find that the swim had been shortened to 750m as the
organisers had spotted icebergs on the North shore. I felt bitterly disappointed, as I
really wanted to complete the full half distance. However, as I dived in from the
pontoon, past the polar bears and penguins, I quickly realised that they had made
the right decision.
The long run to T1 helped to get the blood warmed again, and once in T1 the only
chattering that was taking place was that of the athletes teeth.
Despite my nervous stomach, the only wind I had to deal with now was the strong
headwind on the bike. The undulating course was made more challenging by the
winds, and the fact I lost my Garmin, and a large proportion of my fluids off the bike
right near the start.  Determined to stay focused , I put these challenges to one side,
and pressed on with the remainder of the ride.

Lindsay on the bike

I was relieved to be at T2 and see the supportive crowd, along with Mark tucking into
a bacon roll to keep his fuel levels up.
Into the run, and I felt good on lap 1. The terrain was an interesting mixture of
wooded trails and paths. Buoyed on by the encouragement of the crowd, lap 2 came
around fairly quickly. The second lap was a little harder, and a little slower, almost
allowing Mark time to eat a full Sunday roast should he still be hungry after his
amazing efforts as chief supporter. Lap 3 was a test of endurance, and I was
incredibly relieved and elated to cross the finish line in a time of 5 hrs and 35 mins.
Overall, a fabulous day out, improvements on my previous race at this distance and
lots of valuable experience gained.
Huge thank you to the organisers of the event for enabling it to go ahead in these
challenging times, and to my Tri & Run coach Lynda for all her help. support, encouragement and
friendship; it’s a pleasure to be part of the Tri & Run team. Bring on 2021, we will be
ready for you!

Lindsay at the finish line

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