National Coaching Week

This week (14-20 September 2020) is UK Coaching week.  The aim of the week is to raise awareness of the work coaches do to empower each other, athletes and the public to celebrate the great coaching they have experienced.

At Tri & Run we work hard as coaches of running, triathlon and general fitness to deliver truly bespoke packages and experiences for our athletes.  During the global pandemic we have considered ways to maintain the motivation of both the coaches and athletes by planning and delivering the first ‘Tri & Run Adventure.’  Although not a race, the event did provide a point of focus for our athletes to help determine their training progressions in the absence of their planned races.  The event was a tremendous success with all athletes achieving their individual goal.  In addition, as coaches, the event was an innovative way to build trust, develop relationships and enhance communication between coach and athlete.  Sharing the experience of working towards a challenge which is ‘uncomfortable’ is a unique way to really get to know a person which can have a very positive effect on the coach-athlete relationship.

In a week labelled ‘UK Coaching Week’ there is no better time to highlight the value of great coaching.  Athletes spend an enormous amount of money on kit and gadgets, yet we all know that they will not save those vital seconds if they are not used as a complement to consistent training.  What many people often ignore is the importance of consistent, gradually progressive training that is suitable for the individual’s needs.
For the rest of September, in recognition of UK Coaching week and The Great British Week of Sport (19-27 September) we are offering discounts on our monthly training and set up fees for the first three months.  To find out more please get in touch at or call 07740484442

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