The joy of coaching

It has often been said that ‘you don’t know how much you love something until you lose it.’ During lockdown there have been many inventive ways to ‘keep coaching.’ I have incorporated Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp video, messaging and of course training peaks into my coaching and been much more reliant upon them during the last few months. However, now I am back coaching face to face run groups and having actual live conversations with athletes, I realise how much I have missed it.

Over the past six weeks, my coaching partner and I have been planning and recceing our ‘End of Summer, lets have something to aim for’ 40K run challenge. Whilst recceing the route we have had some fantastic conversations about coaching and progress, problem solving and planning ahead, all whilst enjoying some amazing scenery. Recceing the route and discussing the hazards that need to be included in the risk assessment has been work – but I am sure most of you reading this would swap a desk job for this chore!

Whilst grabbing moments during and after interval sessions I have had opportunities to continue to develop my coach athlete relationships, which I feel is vital to ensure a truly bespoke, progressive training programme, promoting compliance and enjoyment. It really struck me how beneficial the face to face contact is that you just can’t get virtually.

I am really looking forward to our Tri & Run Challenge at the end of the month, some more time to spend with our friends and athletes. As well as the chance to discuss some more hair-brained plans for the next mission!!!

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