Bike Week 2020

This week (6-14 June) marks ‘Bike Week’ in the UK – an annual event which provides a
focus on taking to the road on two wheels. There are now double the number of cyclists on
the road compared to before lockdown, and you may well be thinking about getting on your
bike. So, if you’ve not ventured out on your bike for a while or think this is a golden
opportunity to take your cycling to the next level, read on to find out how Tri and Run can

What’s the appeal of cycling? Cycling can provide an efficient and environmentally friendly
way to get around, and not only that, it provides an excellent way to undertake some
exercise. Cycling is also a great way to appreciate your local surroundings, whether urban or countryside, or both, and can be done solo or with others (adhering to government
guidelines). At Tri and Run we can support you in taking that next step in your cycling,
whether it be to provide advice and support for you in your cycling journey or
accompanying you to help you.

Cycling is not only a sport in itself but also an integral part of triathlon. There are a huge
range of cycle sportives (cycle challenges) and triathlon events and you don’t have to be a
fully-fledged lycra wearer with a very expensive bike to take part. That said, there are skills
and equipment that are accessible to many which can help you with those challenges. At Tri
and Run, we can work with you in developing your cycle skills, whether that be mastering
using clip-on pedals, cornering or mastering the transition from bike to a run for your first
triathlon or duathlon. We will assess what you need and work with you, irrespective or your
level. So, whether you are dusting off the bike in the shed, wanting to take your cycling
further or interested in having an individual training plan to ensure you are progressing your cycling, get in touch with us!

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