Do I need a rest day?

Do you wake up in the morning and after remembering what day it is start trying to decide what training you should do that day?  Perhaps you are one step ahead and start thinking about it the night before…

Run or cycle? Intervals or long? Hilly or flat?

Do I need a rest day?  When did I last have a rest day?  What training have I already done this week?

For each decision there is a compromise; a decision about what you definitely don’t want to do and then an internal debate relating to how much energy and motivation you can muster.  All these internal conversations and decisions cost energy and waste time.  In addition, are you really getting ‘bang for buck’ out of the valuable time and effort you put into your training? Are the sessions progressive/goal directed/specific to your needs?

Tri and Run offer bespoke training programmes based on your needs, goals and current level of fitness.  Through developing a good coach-athlete relationship, the coaches at Tri and Run are able to enhance the bespoke programme with motivation that is aligned to your personality and support you as you develop your fitness, knowledge and skills through specific sessions and conversations.  No matter what level of ability you are currently at, or your aspirations, Tri and Run coaches support and encourage you to push yourself and extend your perceived limits.

The training programme takes out the indecision and the coaches provide objectivity to your training.  This allows you, the athlete to focus on the training session and recovery rather than the planning and second guessing, ensuring gradual progression to your specific goal.

Get in touch today and discuss how Tri and Run can help you.

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