We often hear about having a goal to help with motivation.  I am not disputing that a goal will help with motivation, but that goal can come in many different guises. While we are in these unprecedented times many spring and summer events have been cancelled.  Initially there was a lot of motivation to make the best use of this time and maximise the once per day outdoor activity.  But how is the motivation now?

I am delighted to be part of a very enthusiastic Knutsford Tri Club team competing in a virtual race to Kona.  In addition to this desire to increase my running mileage and time spent on the turbo – I have other mini goals.  My brother is one level above me on Zwift and combined with the desire to increase turbo time, I feel I have a good chance of catching him.  There are numerous motivation badges on Zwift and these are other little things I keep plugging away at.  So not typical A race goals, but they are definitely firing up my enthusiasm. 

It doesn’t matter what your current short, medium or long term focus is, but it has to be something you buy in to and are passionate about.  Share your goals – no matter how silly with others as then you are committed which will add further to your determination.  When life does go back to something like normality, be fitter than you were at the end of March and make the very best of this time……..without overtraining!!!

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