Exercise and my mood

I am not ashamed to admit I am a fair-weather cyclist.  Which generally is fine as I love my turbo set up.

Through the terrible winters I can carry on working on my with bike training– which is not only great for fitness progressions, but also very enjoyable.  However, on a day like today (it’s currently unseasonably warm for a UK April), who wouldn’t want to go out on their bikes?

Today the novelty of self-isolation/ home schooling has worn off…that didn’t last long!!!  Kids have started to bicker and the stash of Lego presents that I have squirrelled away for a ‘rainy day’ has now been depleted.  When a normal day now seems to drag on…..three weeks as a minimum seems a very long way to go. 

As someone who usually spends a significant part of the day outside…my one form of outside exercise today – a dog walk with two children – didn’t cut it.  I signed up to join a Zwift ride at 4pm – but by that time, I was tired out from ‘home’ schooling and had zero motivation.  From the group WhatsApp messages I’ve read and radio phone ins I have heard, I feel I am not alone in feeling a bit down this afternoon. 

To try and make myself feel a little better, I set up my turbo trainer outside this afternoon! At first, I felt like a bit of a wally, but I felt so much better for doing it.  I am not saying I am now jumping for joy all around the house – but I definitely feel more energised and happier thanks to the endorphin rush. The power of exercise is un-quantifiable. I’ve always been a firm believer in finding the silver linings and being positive, but getting outdoors and doing some exercise makes that so much easier.

It doesn’t matter what you do; Youtube video, home circuit, chasing the kids around the garden….just commit to 10 minutes.  It is likely that once you start you will carry on for much longer than you thought you would.  Very rarely do you regret having done a work out – but you will be annoyed with yourself if you don’t do it!

1 thought on “Exercise and my mood”

  1. I totally agree Vicky-daily exercise is keeping all of us sane at the moment-thanks for your continued advise & support! Xx


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