COVID-19 and your diet

It isn’t rocket science that just now we should be doing everything we can to be in peak physical health.  Our diet plays a pivotal role in keeping us healthy.  A well-balanced diet containing all the main food groups in appropriate proportions with plenty of fruit, vegetables and water should see us right.  Avoid the temptation to ‘feel better’ by eating too many biscuits…you will most likely feel worse.  Here are a few little rules I make for myself to prevent bingeing (too often!)

  1. I don’t eat any treat snacks:
    • In the morning.
    • Until I’ve had an appropriate amount of fruit and veg.
    • Until I’ve had a decent amount of water.
  2. I only allow myself to binge if I’ve already done some exercise that day.
  3. The exception to these rules is special occasions (such as Mother’s day!).

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